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Valentine word search game of  tasty chocolate treat names.

You can enjoy this Valentine word search brain exercise yourself.  Or, if funds are scarce give a copy as a gift!

The heart-shaped puzzles holds 29 holiday treats. 

Most are awesome chocolate candies that will make the Day a little more special. But I snuck in a few of those other flavors, too. 

Plus there's a couple of fun candies thrown in.

Why not let the clues below double as a shopping list?  You might get some good ideas for your family, friends or you-know-who!

Valentine Word Search: How To Get Your Own Copy 

It's very simple!  Just click on the pic of the puzzle below.

You'll be taken to the page with the black and white puzzle on it.  Look for the printer icon.  Then click on it!

Black and white heart-shaped Valentine Word Search Puzzle.

Want to print the color version of this puzzle?  Click here.  You'll be whisked to the page with the colored puzzle. 

Look for the printer icon and click on it.

Feel free to print multiple copies!

Now you have your very own copy. So it's time to jump in and complete that puzzle!

Remember, it's not just fun it's brain training!  And perhaps a little draining.  So always keep some chocolate handy for medicinal purposes, of course!  Wouldn't want you to get weak.  ;)

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