by Jill Williams
(Altadena,CA USA)

My Chocolate Mini Pool Table was a big hit with the stars at The Emmy Awards

My Chocolate Mini Pool Table was a big hit with the stars at The Emmy Awards

JILL'S CHOCOLATES is located in Altadena, CA.

Hours of operation: Varies. Carry out only.

For information, please call (626)-808-7573
Or e-mail me:

Jill's Chocolates began as my hobby. But soon family and friends persuaded me to turn my love of chocolate making into a business. My first customers were members of my church and fellow workers. Wedding and shower orders followed. Eventually, I was invited to be a vendor for such Hollywood events as the Grammy and Emmy Awards.

My Chocolate Desserts:
Chocolate covered strawberries
Chocolate covered bananas
Sherbet encased in chocolate (usually white choc)-originally created for a teen celebrity birthday party

New and interesting flavor combinations, like the sherbet dessert above, are what sets my chocolates apart from the crowd.

My candies are made with top-quality Merckens candy wafers.

Customized Chocolates: I have more than 200 candy molds from which to choose. There's a mold to match your business, event, occasion, favorite sport, favorite cartoon character, etc.

Examples: grape-flavored candies shaped like Barbie, white chocolate gummie bears, Sponge Bob
shaped candy, your name in chocolate musical notes

Special Events: I can cater celebrity, charity, birthday, retirement, baby showers, weddings, etc.

Gift Baskets: by request only

Special Training: I have taken chocolate making classes.

When you need an extra special chocolate treat
please call on Jill's Chocolates. I'll work hard to "wow" you!

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