Attention Span Improved by Chocolate

by Razak

Thanks Razak for the questions. I decided to answer your questions on my Your Chocolate Questions page so that other visitors can access them.

No doubt many other people are looking for the same information.

Question 1: I heard chocolate can improve your attention span is this true?

Yes it can, according to this report, Professor Finds That Chocolate Consumption Enhances Cognitive Performance, from the Wheeling Jesuit University web site .

This and many other studies indicate that chocolate increases the flow of blood to the brain. More blood seems to give your brain a power boost. Your ability to concentrate, see, remember, etc improves!

An excellent reason to enjoy a little dark or milk chocolate before engaging in any brain straining activity.

Ok, on to your second question!

Question 2: I would like to know the exact ingredients for dark chocolate, white chocolate and milk chocolate.

You'll find the answer to this question on my Types of Chocolate page. It details what each type must contain according to the Food and Drug Administration.

You might also be interested in checking out theses pages What's in the best dark chocolate? And Dark chocolate versus milk chocolate.

They'll give you more information about each type of chocolate. Hopefully you will be convinced to join us dark chocoholics, if you haven't seen the light already!

Thanks for asking!

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