Best Dark Chocolate Candy Coated Brownies in a Bag

by Bettye

Thanks Cindi for letting us all know about this new delicious sounding product.

You made me want to try them too. Problem was finding them. I ended up going to two stores. The first only had the caramel brownies left.

Apparently the chocolate fudge is more popular. Even the cashier told me she loves them and was going to buy some on her next break. After tasting both flavors, I have to agree.

These Sweet Moments, made by Pillsbury, are little fudge brownie pieces coated in chocolate with either a gooey fudge or caramel center. Moist, rich and tasty. Mmmmmm!

Go for the fudge, if you're a chocoholic like me. Why? The caramel cuts the chocolate flavor.

Talk about easy brownies, just tear open a bag and enjoy.
These little petit four like treats make a great snack.

But not a healthy snack. Sorry, as hard as I tried to find some health benefits to talk about, there aren't any.

A serving does contain 2g of protein and 2% iron. But there' also 9g of fat and 180 calories in that serving.

You'll find these Sweet Moments brownies by Pillsbury in the refrigerated dough section. If I haven't beaten you to them!

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