Chocolate Brownie Pie at Whataburger

by bettye

Best dark chocolate brownie pie, NOT!

Best dark chocolate brownie pie, NOT!

This is not the best dark chocolate I've had. Whataburger what were you thinking? Love your burgers and chicken strips but not this chocolate dessert.

To be fair, they only charge a dollar for it. And the low price is reflected in it's taste. Which was not very good. I couldn't even taste any chocolate. Maybe it's just me.

The pie looks pretty tasty. Nice brown pie crust and deep dark chocolate filling. The filling is the consistency of pudding and bland. Such a let down.

Unfortunately, there was no discernible chocolate flavor. Maybe I just expected more because the filling was so dark.

There was no resemblance to a brownie either!

And lastly it's not healthy, of course, because it's a deep fried pie. No big surprise there.

Has anyone else tried this?

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Burning It For Fuel
by: Bettye

Thanks Anonymous for your comment on the brownie pie.

I guess it comes down to a matter of taste. Some one must like it. To each his own.

Burn this for fuel!!
by: Anonymous

Slap the inventor of this pie in the face with the chocolate brownie pie.

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