Chocolate for Women Xan Confections

by Choclady
(Health Benefits of Dark

Listen up ladies! Special chocolate for women made by Xan Confections. Story posted on Mail Online, U.K. Daily Mail web site, by Paul Sims entitled What women have been waiting for: The guilt-free chocolate that could beat PMS.

Here's what you need to know. Chocolates specially formulated to help with Pms symptoms and chocolate cravings during pregnancy!

Yes, Mr. Sims we have been waiting for that.

Imagine a dose of chocolate that can help with the pain in your head and cramps. Who could say no to that!

CocoPms truffles are designed to relieve your womanly woes. The chocolate candies contain chasteberry and bilberry to reduce inflammation. Sounds promising.

What if you're pregnant and craving chocolate? CocoPreggers to the rescue. Rich dark chocolate with DHA and folic acid. Tasty candy for you and important bits for the baby.

Dark chocolate with added health benefits! They sound perfect for those times when you need super strength chocolate.

But, you guessed it, they cost more. Could be worth it though, especially to your guy! Maybe your man will buy you some Xan.

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