Chocolate Lover Happy Meal?

by choclady

Happy Meal for Chocolate Lovers   LOL!

Happy Meal for Chocolate Lovers LOL!

Well, what else would you call this box of chocolate chip cookies from McDonald's? This chocolate lover was sure happy to get it. And I could of made a meal of it.

Ok, it doesn't quite fit the definition of a Happy Meal. There's no drink or toy. But with 13 cookies in that box who needs a

Actually it's a McDonald's cookie tote. My mom bought it for me, awwww, wasn't that nice of her?

So I toted it home to share with my family, minus a couple of cookies, of course. Can you resist warm chocolate chip cookies?

Anyway, my family and I taste tested them and...they were good. Not great, not gourmet but good. Just what you'd expect from
McDonald's. Good, cheap, and the same wherever you go.

The cookies were about 2 1/2 inches across. Crispy around the edges and soft in the middle. With a reasonable number of chocolate chips in each one.

They certainly tasted better and are fresher than the cookies on the store shelf. Not as good as homemade though.

But this chocolate lover recommends them, especially for those cookie emergencies. When in need, proceed to your nearest McDonald's.

You don't have to buy an entire box, unless the emergency warrants it! They also sell the cookies individually and in three's.

Will you try them? Are you thinking about it? Or do you avoid McDonald's?

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