Dark Chocolate and Red Wine Kill Cancer Cells

by Bettye

Here's some good dark chocolate news you may have missed. Dark chocolate and red wine kill cancer cells according to researchers. The story is from February 11, 2010.

Dark chocolate and red wine are about to be inducted into an exclusive club. They'll be
joining the list of foods known to fight cancer. Foods like tea, garlic, blueberries and soy.

Researcher William Li, head of the Massachusetts Angiogenesis Foundation said, "We are rating foods
based on their cancer-fighting qualities." He stated that "What we eat is really our
chemotherapy three times a day."

A few foods tested seem to be just as effective at cutting off the blood flow to tumors as the
drugs currently used for this purpose. Eaten together these foods were even more effective.

Dark chocolate is one of the foods know to contain chemicals that appear to disrupt the blood flow to tumors killing them.

Li said that "dietary cancer treatment may be the only solution because not everyone can afford
cancer drugs."

Now that is some welcome news for all of us. Especially those of us who have had family members
fight for their life. Not only is this disease physically and emotionally devastating, it's
often financially catastrophic.

Even after you've beaten the disease the there's the constant fear of it's return.

Wouldn't it be like a dream come true if this awful disease could be kept at bay by eating the
right foods?

That would be a reason to celebrate. Imagine enjoying dark chocolate with your favorite red
wine or tea and fighting cancer at the same time.

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