Denver, Colorado - Sugar Bakeshop

Sugar Bakeshop is located at 277 Broadway, Denver, Colorado 80203

Owner: Natalie Slevin

Business Hours are:
8am to 6pm Sunday
7am to 6pm Monday
7am to 8pm Tuesday-Friday
8am to 8pm Saturday

Chocolate Desserts Menu

Daily Sugar Bakeshop makes chocolate cakes, cupcakes, scones, cookies, brownies and cookie bars from scratch with locally sourced organic eggs and milk.

Chocolate Cupcake/Cake Flavors:
Red Velvet
Hello World
Black Bottom
German Chocolate
Chocolate Hazelnut
The Classic-chocolate frosting/yellow cake
See the web site menu for flavor details.
Cupcakes are available in three sizes.

Chocolate Chip

Chocolate Chip
Double Chocolate Chip

Brownies and Cookie Bars:
Chocolate Chocolate
Chocolate Caramel Bars

Special Holiday Season Desserts:
Cheesecake with a crust made from dark chocolate cookies

Flourless Cakes-chocolate and peppermint chocolate

Bundt Cake-dark chocolate

Pies-chocolate bourbon pecan, chocolate black bottom pie

Whoopie Pie-red velvet

Pop Tart-Nutella

Business Menu: Trays of Treats for the Office
Breakfast Platter
Cookie Platters
Dessert Platters
Birthday Cake/Cupcakes

Special requests are welcome. Please make arrangements ahead of time. See web site for details.

Some gluten free and vegan items available.

The Sugar Bakeshop does offer non-chocolate desserts.

Have Questions? Visit:
Or Call: (720) 891-4292

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