Does Chocolate have a lot of Vitamin K?

by S Razak

Thanks for asking more interesting chocolate questions!

Question 1: Does chocolate contain a lot of Vitamin K? Yes. It's a pretty good source. One ounce of baking chocolate or unsweetened dark chocolate contains 2.8ug of Vitamin K. While one ounce of cheddar cheese contains 0.8ug of Vitamin K.

But there are much better food sources. One ounce of California avocado has 6.0ug of Vitamin K.

What about milk , semisweet and white chocolate? How much Vitamin K do they contain?
A 1.55 ounce bar of milk chocolate has 2.5ug

One cup of semisweet candies has 9.4ug

One cup of white chocolate candies has 15.5ug

Visit the USDA National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference, Release 18 page to see a list of foods and their Vitamin K content for much more information.

Qestion 2: What can you tell me about the process in making white/dark/milk chocolate? Well the process is basically the same up to a point. This video will show you how dark chocolate is made.

Milk chocolate is made by adding milk and sugar to the liquid chocolate or chocolate liquor that results from the grinding of the beans. The chocolate mixture is dried to make a powder that is then mixed with cocoa butter, ground and then conched.

White chocolate is made in a similar way to the others, I imagine though I've never seen a video or read about the process. The main difference is that white chocolate has no cocoa in it. All the brown, cocoa powder, is removed. It's basically sugar, cocoa butter and flavorings.

Thanks again for the questions. Hope this answered them adequately.


Here's a video about making milk chocolate you may enjoy.

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