Eat This Chocolate: 24 Karat Chcolate Natural Teasers Organic Dark Chocolate

by Benjamin Rosen

24 Karat Chocolate Natural Teasers-Delicious, pure, organic dark chocolate in its most natural form, with no added flavorings.

You will be amazed how good simplicity can taste. Natural Teasers are the perfect way to share the wonderful news of 24 Karat Chocolate with others.

Each box contains sixty individually-wrapped chocolates. Made with these healthy ingredients...

Organic Dark Chocolate

Organic Raw Cane Sugar

Organic Chocolate Liquor

Organic Cocoa Butter

Soy Lecithin (used as an emulsifier)

and Organic Vanilla.

Recently, science has had much to say about this
Food of the Gods.

Chocolate is the number one antioxidant food on the planet!

Scientifically associated with love and libido.

Shown to support normal blood pressure and cholesterol levels

Supports circulation

A natural way to enhance mood and mental clarity.

U.S. government sources recommend consumption of 1 to 1.5 ounces per day.

For more information about this organic chocolate, please contact:

Benjamin Rosen 423-552-2723

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