Ghirardelli is the Only Gourmet Brand of Chocolate in the Rural Area I live in.

I would really like to try some of the other gourmet chocolate out there. The only different brand here in this area is Ghirardelli. I do like it. But I am always looking for a different taste to bake with.

There are not any Nestle' dark chocolate covered cherries here in rural Citrus County, Florida. I haven't even spotted any in the big cities two hours away.

When I ask the managers at the pharmacies where they are, they look at me like I am stupid. They say, that may be a holiday item...what's up with that? If you wouldn't mind, send me addresses where I may be able to find out about the items. Thank you.


G. G.

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Oct 20, 2010
Gourmet Chocolate Can Be Hard to Find
by: Bettye

G.G. don't feel so alone. It can be difficult to find gourmet chocolate when you live in a rural area. I'm in the same boat! No doubt there are many others like us out there.

Here are a some addresses that just may help!
Chocolate Large selection of gourmet chocolate.
Valrhona Valrhona's Official website.
Harry and Gourmet chocolate products.

If you can't find Cherry Raisinets, try this address. Nestle Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on Where to Buy. That'll take you to a page with a store locating feature.

Thanks G.G. I'm sure others will benefit from your inquiry. Let me know if I can help again.

P.S. G.G. Hope you received your e-mail. Sorry if you received multiple copies, I was having technical difficulties!

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