Hot Chocolate Bliss Hot Chocolate Made with Organic Chocolate and All Natural

by Donna Richardson
(Wyoming, Michigan, USA)

At we have a delicious line of all natural, high quality Lake Champlain Hot Chocolate from Vermont.

Our Organic Hot Chocolate has a 34% cocoa content. It's made with organic alkalized cocoa and organic sugar. Certified Fair Trade.

Try our versatile Organic Unsweetened Cocoa it's 100% cocoa. Add your favorite sweetener for homemade hot cocoa. Or use it for baking. Certified Fair Trade.

Or take a sip of our All Natural Aztec Hot Chocolate. It's 34% cocoa with a touch of cayenne, cinnamon and vanilla. Delicious.

All Natural Traditional Hot Chocolate is 34% cocoa with organic sugar and a dash of vanilla.

In the mood for something different? All Natural Chai & Mighty Hot Chocolate is 34% cocoa flavored with an enticing blend of cardamom, ginger, cinnamon and vanilla.

Dark chocolate lovers this one is for you! All Natural Old World Drinking Chocolate is shredded dark chocolate with a 54% cocoa content. Mix it in a hot cup of your favorite type of milk for a dark and delcious drink.

Preservative-free and Kosher-certified.

Our chocolate contains no additives or shelf extenders. As chocolate has over 500 flavor components, anything extra is bound to compromise the flavor.

All of our products are certified Star-D Kosher by the National Council of Young Israel in affiliation with Star-K Kosher Certification. Our hot chocolate and unsweetened cocoa are certified by the Orthodox Union.

Give it a try!

Hot Chocolate Bliss

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