Houston, Texas - The Chocolate Bar

The Chocolate Bar in Houston, Texas has two convenient locations.

Locations: 1835 West Alabama in River Oaks and 2521 University Blvd in Rice Village

Hours: Sunday: 12p to 10p

Monday thru Thursday: 10a to 10p

Friday and Saturday: 10a to 12a

Business hours are the same at each location.

The Chocolate Bar sells a vast array of chocolate candy. Plus homemade cheesecakes, cakes, brownies, cookies, ice cream, and beverages.

Please go to the web site to view photos, descriptions, and prices of these chocolate treats.

Our Cakes-Buy them by the slice or whole

Layer Cakes-each of the following is made with 4 layers of cake

Aunt Etta's-all chocolate

Uncle Darryl's-lots of dark chocolate

Any Day's a Holiday-yellow and chocolate cake with chocolate frosting

Night and Day-dark chocolate cake with white frosting and dark chocolate ganache

Cheesecakes-rich and creamy

Chocolate Turtle Fudge



Chocolate Chocolate Chip

White Russian-made with white chocolate

Mousse-chocolate or white chocolate

Chocolate Black Russian

Bayou City Mud Pie

Candylicious Junkyard

Chocolate Torte

Creamy Dreamy Truffle-gluten free

More Baked Treats from The Chocolate Bar


Chocolate Tres Leches

Toll House Cookie Pie

Chocolate Red Velvet

The following items are sold individually or by the dozen.

Mini Cupcakes


Our Other Chocolate Creations-Candies, Bars, Ice Cream, Chocolate Covered, Special Shapes and Beverages

Chocolate Bars-pick a bar with a fruit, nut, or candy filling from the selection. Or opt for nothing but solid

Special Shapes-see the large selection of fun shapes in chocolate. Choose from sports, animals, musical, letters and more

Chocolate Covered-check out the fruits, cookies and popcorn offerings.

Sugar Free Chocolate available.

Beverages-take a look at the beverage menu for cold and hot chocolate drink options.

Ice Cream-several chocolate flavors to choose from. This homemade frozen treat is sold by the scoop, pint or

And much, much more. Check out the web site for more details on all our chocolate treats!
Take a look at the seasonal offerings too.

Party Packages-check the parties section for our packages for adults and children.

Favors available for your special occasions

Gift Cards and Shipping Available

Convenient online shopping through the web site.

Subscribe to our Newsletter for all the latest information.

Contact Information: http://www.theoriginalchocolatebar.com

Phone: (713)-520-8599 River Oaks Store

(713)-520-8888 Rice Village Shop

Online Store: http://www.thechocolatebarshop.com/

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