Lindt 85 Percent Cocoa is the Best Dark Chocolate Bar

by Mandy
(Houston, TX)

It's the best because it's very dark, large, and inexpensive. Intense chocolate flavor for a reasonable price.

I love it! You might too.

I do! You're right Mandy. It is a great chocolate bar, especially for the price.

I keep one around to snack on. It's very easy to snap off a square. Then break the square into smaller pieces.

That way you can spread your daily chocolate dose
out over the entire day. Provided you exercise a little self-restraint, of course!

The recommended daily dose of chocolate is about an ounce. So the large bar will last you over three days!

And the Swiss dark chocolate is quite tasty. But 85% cocoa could be too much for some people.

So the 50% and 70% cocoa bar are great alternatives for those new to dark chocolate. Delicious and inexpensive.

Thanks Mandy for the comment! Have you tried the
99% cocoa bar yet? Talk about intense!

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Lindt 90%
by: Erin

I have not seen a 99% but I am eating the Lindt supreme 90% now. I think it is a little intense and I would prefer the Ghirardelli 86% that I am used to but I have to try everything I see over 80.

I used to hate dark chocolate but now I find it suppresses that monthly craving with just a little and the bitterness, as with coffee, will grow on you.

Love your healthy attitude toward dark chocolate, Erin!!!

You are so right. A person can learn to love dark chocolate, as you have.

Thanks for the sharing your experience. Maybe you'll inspire others to learn to love the dark stuff!


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