Magnum Mini Ice Cream Bars A Diet Aid?

by Choclady

Magnum Mini Classic

Magnum Mini Classic

Hey, chocolate lovers! Good news from Magnum Ice Cream. Now they offer Mini bars.

You can feed your ice cream craving without breaking the calorie bank. They're not low fat or low calorie, they're just small.

Small enough to slip into your diet? Probably. At least on those occasions when the craving won't be denied!

You can eat the whole bar. Unlike a cupcake or other tempting treats, you'll know exactly how many calories you've eaten.

Then you'll know just how bad you've been. No guessing. You can cut out elsewhere to bring your calorie budget back into balance.

Unfortunately for us dark chocolate lovers, they don't make dark chocolate mini bars. The minis come in classic (milk chocolate) and almond. The vanilla ice cream is covered in Belgian chocolate, not dark but delicious.

Will they'll make some dark mini bars in the future? We can dream.

Here are the cold, hard Magnum Mini Classic nutrition facts. 1 bar (43.5g), a half serving according to the box, contains...

150 Calories

10g Total fat-6g are saturated fat, no trans

15mg Cholesterol

25mg Sodium

13g Total carbohydrates-less than 1g of fiber, 13g sugars

2g Protein

2% Vitamin A

4% Calcium

6% Iron

The above Percent Daily Values based on a 2,000 calorie diet.

Not diet ice cream for sure, but a possible diet helper in a pinch.

When the craving is too strong to fight, go ahead and take a bite. The calorie cost is clearly spelled out. There's no doubt about what you'll need to do pay for your treat!

Is it worth the calorie cost? You'll know before you go.

Just remember the box says 2 bars per serving. Don't be fooled by that.

Fortunately, each mini ice cream bar is individually wrapped. So take one and run!

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