My Best Dark Chocolate Treat

by Norton

Me Begging for More of My Best Dark Chocolate Treat!

Me Begging for More of My Best Dark Chocolate Treat!

Mad dog! No, I've had my rabies shot. I'm mad for Chocolick Brownie Bites. My best dark chocolate treat! Finally, after all these years my owner has treated me right.

Sure, she eats dark chocolate all the time. Bores me to death with all that talk about health benefits. How it's good for this and lowers that. But she never shares any of it with me.

Heck, I was starting to take it personally. I'm top dog around here! What about my needs?

Then one day she wanders over with a silly grin on her face and something in her hand. She tosses a few brown squares in my direction. Then looks at me, expectantly. So I look back at her.

It's like she expects me to eat them or something. So I decide to play along. I give them the once over with my nose. Interesting. But before I know it my tongue's getting in on the act. Then my taste buds start screaming, "Oh yeah, we're on to something boys!"

So I gobbled them up and begged for more! Those things are muzzle licking good!

So maybe if you're a good dog like me, you'll get some. But you can't have any of mine...grrrrrrrrr!

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