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Newtons Chocolate Cookie

Newtons Chocolate Cookie

Here's some good dark chocolate news. New chocolate cookies on a store shelf near you!

Like whole grain? Cookies that are healthy or at least a little healthier for you? Then you'll want to try Newtons Fruit Thins chocolate raspberry cookies.

I did and they're good. Each serving provides 8g of whole grain. That's a heftier serving of whole grain than most store bought cookies!

They're made with whole grain wheat flour and rolled oats. You can actually see light-colored specks, that I assume are pieces of oat.

Plus they actually contain bits of dried raspberries. So now you have a little fruit to go with that whole grain.

And of course they're made with cocoa. Unfortunately, the cocoa used is not natural. It's alkalized which destroys antioxidants, but not all of them!

The cookies contain chocolate chips too. So they'll contribute more delicious chocolate flavor and antioxidants.

The thin crispy cookies have a mild cocoa and raspberry flavor. Raspberry and chocolate go so well together.

They even smell good like raspberries.

Let's talk about nutrition. What do these chocolate cookies have to offer? Besides being tasty?

A serving consists of 3 cookies (30g). Each cookie is about 2 /14 inches wide and 1/4 inch thick.

The 3 cookie serving has (according to the nutrition facts on the package)...

140 calories

5g of fat-only 1.5 g is saturated and no trans fat

100mg sodium

80mg potassium

21g-total carbohydrate
2g dietary fiber
7g sugars-no high fructose corn syrup

2g protein

2% vitamin C

6% iron

% based on 2,000 calories diet.

Good: potassium, fiber, protein, vitamin C and iron. 8 grams of whole grain.

Not so good: calories, fat, sodium, sugars.

These chocolate cookies, while not a health food, can add some good things to your diet. Things like fiber which most people need to eat more of.

So check them out. See if they're right for you!

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