Slaton, Texas
The Slaton Bakery

The Slaton Bakery is located at 109 South 9th Street in Slaton Texas.

Owners: Sherrell and Robin Wilson

Hours of Operation: Tuesday-Saturday 6a-6p
Closed: Sunday-Monday

Donuts and pastries for breakfast, soup and sandwiches, pies, cakes, cookies and assorted breads can be purchased Tuesday through Saturday.

Wedding and Groom's are available by special order.

Fudge and candy is for sale during the holiday season.


Chocolate Desserts Menu:

Breakfast-chocolate donuts, brownies and rocky road brownies

Pies-chocolate meringue or chiffon

Cakes-red velvet, german chocolate, mocha, cupcakes

Cookies-thumbprint(chocolate on chocolate or vanilla with chocolate), chocolate chip, white chocolate chip and M&M


Other Desserts

Cookies-vanilla wafers, wedding cookies, pecan sandies, snickerdoodle, cherry delight, butter cookie, sugar cookie, sugar-free sandies and many more

Pies-key lime, apple, pecan, buttermilk chess and more

Cakes-pina-colada, white, strawberry, coconut, angel food, king cake and more

Pound cakes and cheesecakes


Bread Menu

Tortillas, hamburger or hot dog buns,
pumpkin, cheese rolls, dinner rolls, tomato bread and others

Go to for a complete list of products plus ordering information.

Or Call:806-828-3253

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The Slaton Bakery

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Thumbprint Cookie Capital of the World
by: Choclady

Yep, I passed that sign on US 84 four times before I stopped.

It was quite amusing to "discover" that the Thumbprint Cookie Capital of the World was in West Texas! Land of oil wells and wind turbines and not much else.

Who knew? I mean, I travel US 84 twice a year to Albuquerque, New Mexico but don't recall seeing that sign until 2011 or so.

December of 2013 I decided to pay the capital a visit. I was looking for a road snack that didn't come out of a fryer.

Stopped in Slaton, Texas aka world capital of the aforementioned cookie.

The bakery was difficult to find but fortunately some locals were happy to help.

What a place! Lots of great things to choose from. Nice, friendly staff that's ready to help.

Bought a slice of key lime pie, a dozen thumbprints and some chocolate chip cookies.

Jumped back in the car and got back on the loooong road home.

My mother thoroughly enjoyed her slice of pie.

Thumbprint cookies from Slaton bakery Those little cookies were perfect for popping into my mouth. Yummy chocolate with chocolate frosting or vanilla with chocolate frosting.

Great road snacks! Unfortunately, that dozen didn't last me for the 500 miles I had left to travel.

Lesson learned! Buy more next time.

I somehow lost the chocolate chip cookies before I could try them. Dang it!

But I bet they were good.

Think I'll be a regular visitor to that capital. It's like a little chocolate oasis in the sands of West Texas.

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