Boredom Beating Sliding Puzzles Collection

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Picture of chocolate chip pan cookies made into a sliding puzzle.

Bookmark this brain training sliding puzzles page. 

Then keep this stack handy.

Use it to ward off the daily dullness that can tinker with your thinker!

Remember those cheap little plastic number games from your childhood?

These are just as fun (frustrating)!  Only they're made from pictures of chocolate and you play them online.

So you can't pull out the tiles and rearrange them.  These you actually have to solve.

Good luck!  Hope you have the patience to persist.

Cookie Pieces

Maybe you can lick this chocolate chip cookie?  It's the easiest, so it's up first.

Once you mastered it, you can move down to the medium level.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars Scramble Sliding Puzzle Game » slide puzzle

Halloween Truffle Game

Have fun trying to untangle this twisted truffle!  Let me know how you do...I gave up.

But I'm sure you didn't.  Or did you?  Nah, you can handle it!

Halloween Truffle Puzzle Sliding Puzzle Game » sliding puzzle game

Baffling Bayou Picture

If you couldn't solve the first two, stop now!  No use tackling this toughie.

The perplexity could cause you to go to pieces.  Ok, if you're a glutton for punishment go for it!

Chocolate Bayou Puzzle Sliding Puzzle Game » slide puzzle

Those sure were fun, right?  Uh, right?  Speechless, eh?

Maybe you would like to try an...

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