Stevensville, Montana - The Montana Chocolate Company

by Sara
(Stevensville, Montana)

The Montana Chocolate Company is located at 755 Main Street Stevensville, Montana.

Business Hours are:
9am to 5pm Monday thru Friday

The Montana Chocolate Company proudly presents an exciting assortment of hand-dipped Montana made chocolates.

Many of our candies are made with local ingredients like heavy cream or wild huckleberries.

Genuine Montana gold is used to add a special touch of luxury to selected candies.

Chocolate Desserts Menu

Huckleberry Candies-made with real huckleberries and chocolate.

Huckleberry Swoon-6, 12, or 24 piece assortment of dark, milk and white chocolates

Huckleberry Swoon Bark-white chocolate

Oreo Lollipops-dipped in milk chocolate and white chocolate

Pretzels-white chocolate

Huckleberry Bar-white chocolate

Fun Shapes and Bars-unique treats with a Montana twist like...

Little Grizzlies-gummy bears dipped in milk, white or dark chocolate

Moose-milk chocolate moose on a stick

Elk-footprints made of milk chocolate

Fun Candy Bars-white, dark or milk chocolate bars with a sense of humor

Fine Chocolates like...

Maraschino Cherry-dipped in dark or milk chocolate

Nut Patties-pecans, cashews, peanuts or almonds in dark or milk chocolate

Holiday Chocolates...

Santa-milk chocolate on a stick

Snowmen-white chocolate dipped marshmallow men

Reindeer Noses-milk chocolate coated malted milk

Cards-Merry Christmas or Seasons Greetings made of milk chocolate

These are just a few of the delicious treats made by The Montana Chocolate Company.

Please visit for more information.

Or phone 1-855-999-0808

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