Taco Bell Brownie Sandwich

by Chris
(Brazoria, TX)

Best dark chocolate Taco Bell sells!

Best dark chocolate Taco Bell sells!

Made a run for the border the other day. Before I could order I noticed something chocolate on the menu!

A brownie sandwich. Oh, yeah. Now that's my kind of dessert. Taco Bell was speaking my language.

Two brownie wedges held together with a creamy chocolate
filling. All chocolate. The brownie even had tiny chocolate chips in it.

Mmmmm, looked tasty. Ordered one.

Took it out of the bag. First thing I noticed, kinda tiny for me. Ok, so I'm a hog when it comes to bittersweet!

Size, disappointing. Taste? Not fantastic but pretty darn good. It was the best dark chocolate(only) I've ever had from Taco Bell.

Coulda inhaled the whole thing. But being the sweet, thoughtful, kind and generous mother(too much? lol) that I am I shared with my son!

He concurred. And he liked the brownie too!

Kudos Taco Bell. Nice chocolate dessert, may we expect more?

Sure hope so!

The chocolate chip cookie sandwich they used to have was pretty tasty too. Had to remove that yucky vanilla filling first, though.

Taco Bell execs can you bring back the cookie sandwich with chocolate filling? Drop me a line if you do!

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