There's a Chocolate Bar I don't Know the Name Of...Help !!!!!!!

by No Name Given

No name writes Chocolate Questions...

There's a chocolate I don't know the name of. It comes in a packet with 2 bars shaped like smoothed over twix bars. It's filled with a creamy Milky Way like centre. Help !!!!!

Wow! That's a tough question. I searched long and hard to try to answer this one.

There are lots of candy bars out there but I only found one possibility based on the clues given.

The candy that came closest to the above description is named Flyte. It's made in the United Kingdom by Mars, Incorporated.

There are two milk chocolate bars in each Flyte package. The center of the bar is made of a chocolate-flavored whipped nougat like the pre-1993 Milky Way bar made in the UK.

Sounds very much like your description. Unknown question asker I hope this is the answer you were seeking!

Thanks for submitting your question.

Does anyone out else know the name of a candy bar
that fits that description?

Feel free to tell us!

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