Tuscon, Arizona
Prayerfully Popped

Prayerfully Popped, Corn from the Cloister, is located at 1101 North Wilmot, Suite 117, Tuscon, Arizona.

Open: Tuesday-Friday 10a-6p
Saturday-Sunday 10a-4p

Closed: Monday

Owner: NunBetter, Inc.

Gourmet popcorn and fudge. Order online or drop by.

Sweet Popcorn:

Dark Chocolate Covered Cherry

Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup


Heath Bar Toffee Crunch

Peppermint Patty

Puppy Chow

St. Columba's Sea Salt & Caramel


Savory Popcorn:

St. Scholastica's Cheddar Popcorn

Olive Oil & Garlic Popcorn

Kansas City Barbecue Flavored Popcorn

Chile Relleno

Whitby White Cheddar Jalapeno


Classic Popcorn:

St. Notburga's White Salted Popcorn

St. Notburga's White No Salt Popcorn

St. Benedict's Buttery Best Popcorn




Chocolate Pecan

Peanut Butter Chocolate

Mint Chocolate Swirl

Rocky Road

Sucrose Free-Chocolate or Chocolate Nut

Chewy Praline

Maple Nut

Visit http://www.prayerfullypopped.com for a complete list of flavors and ordering information.

Or phone toll free: 800-939-8323

Or fax toll free: 800-939-8323

The Prayerfully Popped enterprise supports the Congregation of Benedictine Sisters of Perpetual adoration, as well as their monastic communities. Proceeds are also shared with several charitable organizations (see website for list).

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Prayerfully Popped

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Prayerfully Popped Heavenly Chocolate Fudge and Popcorn
by: Anonymous

Dark  chocolate fudge I purchased from Prayerfully Popped

Carmel corn drizzled with dark chocolate

There's just 2 examples or the delicious chocolate treats in store for you at Tuscon's Prayerfully Popped store.

What a pleasant place to visit! The people are very friendly and more than happy to let you sample.

Great fudge and tasty popcorn. So good you may end up buying more than you intended!

My sisters and I did just that. We arrived planning on just getting some corn. But we were soon tempted by several bites of fudge.

We purchased some dark chocolate, some mocha, and some dulce de leche (I think that was what it was called).

They were all good especially, the dulce.

On to the popcorn! We sampled several flavors each...puppy chow, caramel and dark chocolate cherry and more.

I had my heart set on some caramel drizzled with dark chocolate. Unfortunately, they had none. But the said they would make it for me!

Oh, happy day. Only drawback was that I'd have to return for it. The chocolate needed to dry before they could bag the corn.

So we returned the next day to pick it up. Boy was it good.

I had hoped to get some dark chocolate covered cherry too but unfortunately they were out.

So I guess I'll have to order some of that soon!

If you drop in, don't be afraid to ask for something special. I bet they'll do their best to make it for you!

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