What is in Constant Motion in Melted Chocolate?

by M. Chambers

Chocolate Questions was asked...
What is in constant motion in melted chocolate?

Not sure about this question but I'll take a stab at it!

I think you're referring to the destruction/formation of cocoa butter crystals. As chocolate is heated and cooled the cocoa butter crystalline structure changes. It can form into as many as six different types at one time.

Chocolate is tempered, heated and cooled and reheated at specific temperatures, to encourage the formation of the most stable form of crystal.

The form that causes the chocolate to harden, shine, snap, etc. Properly tempered chocolate exhibits all these properties.

Improperly tempered chocolate will be gritty, soft, streaked etc.

Constantly moving the melted chocolate as it cools
helps to encourage the formation of the desired type of cocoa butter crystals.

The cocoa butter crystals are constantly changing/moving in the melted chocolate.

Thanks for your question. I hope my answer helped.

If anyone else has any input, please feel free to add it.

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