What is the Best Way to Make Money From Chocolate?

by Anonymous

Here's a question sent in by an anonymous chocolate enthusiast.

I am thinking of selling some chocolate. Do most people selling chocolate start with beans to make chocolate or do they buy couverture chocolate and temper it?

No, most people selling chocolate do not start with cocoa beans.

Chocolate is very time consuming to make. There are many steps and expensive machines needed to turn beans into bars. Not to mention the skilled people needed to oversee the process.

Watch this How is Chocolate Made video to learn more.

The chocolate products from most bakeries, candy stores, restaurants, etc. are made from mass produced chocolate.

Large companies like Barry Callebaut and Archer Daniels Midland make an array of chocolate products to meet the needs of chefs, bakers, candy makers, and food manufacturers.

Why do so many rely on chocolate made by these and other companies?


These companies produce consistent quality ready-to-use chocolate. They do all the difficult bits.

The number of bean to bar companies is growing. Consumer demand for specialty chocolate is driving the rise.

Competition for the chocolate consumers money is stiff. But there's always room for an excellent product properly marketed.

It would be no easy task!

So I wouldn't recommend trying to produce chocolate from beans, yet.

Learn all you can about the complicated process first. You may find it's more than you want to do. Invest your time before your money.

Perhaps try using the mass produced first. Get a feel for it.

Work your way to being the next Willy Wonka or Jacques Torres!

Good luck with your venture!

Thanks for the question.

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