Any Truth to Dark Chocolate Aiding in Loss of Belly Fat?

Here's another Chocolate Questions inquiry...

I read that one of the foods to eat if your trying to lose belly fat is dark chocolate that is at least 70% cocoa.

So I bought some and made the mistake of eating it after dinner and here I am at 3:00am and wide awake. So I guess it's a stimulant for sure because whenever I try to lay down I can feel my heart beating faster than usual.

Susan, maybe you should consult with your doctor about dark chocolate. Sounds like you're very sensitive to caffeine's effects.

Caffeine should wear off about 6 to 7 hours after consumption, according to what I've read.

So perhaps you'd be better off eating dark chocolate after lunch for an afternoon pick-me up.

Ok, now on to your question!

Any Truth to Dark Chocolate Aiding in Loss of Belly Fat?

Good question! I've never read that dark chocolate
is effective against belly fat specifically. But it's said to be useful in the fight against fat.

Dark chocolate can reduce your appetite, fight cravings and block fat. Check out Chocolate Diet for a little more information.

Unfortunately, dark chocolate can't zero in on belly fat, darn it! But it may help you stick to a diet and fight the fat. So your belly might just shrink after all.

Thanks for the question, Susan!

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