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Welcome chocoholics to The California Bakeries Guide. Native, newbie or nomad, in California dreaming of dessert?

Then check out this Chocolate Desserts Directory for The Golden State.

This guide will help you find local bakeries, caterers and other makers of chocolate desserts.

Makers of cupcakes, birthday and wedding cakes, and pies. Plus personalized chocolates or special shapes like baby shower chocolate molds.

You'll find a growing list of individuals and businesses ready to satisfy your chocolate craving!

California Chocolate Desserts Makers

The Golden State may not have an official state dessert but it does have many innovative dessert makers! Check these out.

Take a look at the roster below. It's listed alphabetically by city. Under each city is an alphabetized list of chocolate dessert makers.


Jill's Chocolates

Los Angeles

Sweet Lady Jane Bakery

Redondo Beach

Marsatta Fancy Chocolates

Click and you'll be directed to the individual or business's page.

There you'll find information like the type of chocolate desserts, location, business hours and contact details.

No Luck?

No California bakeries near you? Please check back later, adding new  chocolate dessert makers regularly.

Know any individual or business that could benefit from a listing in this directory? Please let them know how they can get their own free business listing. Thanks!

Maybe this search engine will help you find what you need.


Or have a dessert delivered.

Do It Yourself Instead

Can't find a bakery or caterer to satisfy your needs? Then do it yourself and save!

Cupcake kits for wedding showers, birthdays, etc. are a fun and easy way to celebrate the day!

Give it a try. You may be so good at it that you'll become a professional! 

Should that be the case, return and create your business listing.  There's always room for one more talented person.

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