Admire Nature, Enjoy a Big Chocolate Chip Cookie

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A major chocolate chip cookie craving hit me while wandering amid the wonders of Rocky Mountain National Park. 

Maybe it was all that mountain air. Maybe just the miles of hiking, all uphill it seemed.

Whatever, I needed a cookie NOW. I'd earned it!

Beauty, beauty everywhere, but not a bittersweet treat to eat. So it was back to town, nature could wait but I couldn't.

Fortunately, I had spotted two places in Estes Park. One was open one was not. So I staggered into Laura's.

What did I see? A big chocolate chip cookie staring at me!

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Chocolate Candy Store

There it was peeking out from behind the counter...a delicious looking cookie with chips. So I asked for one.

The girl bagged it and handed it to me. It felt really good in my hand.

Just then my vision began to clear. I realized I was in a store filled with fudge, lots of dark chocolate fudge. Laura's Fine Candy Store.

Thinking ahead, I purchased some in anticipation of my next craving.

Be prepared! Words to live by. And I was. Away I went with my treasure.

Cookie Picture

I was going to snap a chocolate chip cookie picture to show you, honest! But this is all I have left...

Uh, chocolate chip cookies seem to disappear very quickly when I'm around. This one was no exception.

So I'll have to paint a picture for you. Imagine...a large, golden brown cookie, crispy on the outside, chewy on the inside with semisweet chips. In a word, scrumptious.

One of the best store bought cookies I have ever had, seriously.

Dark Chocolate Fudge

I was able to exert a little self control with the candy. Managed to snap a chocolate fudge picture or two.

Tried the Swiss double dark chocolate fudge and the dark chocolate with caramel on top. Both were quite good.

You can even watch them making chocolate. Big bowls of warm bittersweet candy...mmmmmmm!

Lesson Learned

The next day I purchased a big cookie before I went back into the National Park. I was going to commune with nature while chowing down on my cookie. Ahhhh...near nirvana!

Except for those mooching magpies! They're everywhere.

Tip: Eat in your car or eat fast.

Why? Because while you have your eye on nature, nature may have its eye on your cookie! Thieving birds!

If you ever find yourself near Rocky Mountain National Park with a serious chocolate craving you'll know where to go. Laura's for a great cookie and/or fudge. Buy extras the magpies are watching!

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