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Have you tried every chocolate dessert store out there? Well, neither have I. But my chocolate reviews are about those that I have.

Chocolate stores I have actually visited. Ferreted out and sampled their wares.

I relay what I found. You decide whether to drop by and give them a try.

Granted, some of these are far from your home. But if you decide to roam, you can plan your route so that you can check them out.

Or maybe visit online.

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Here are those I've Sampled.

Chocolate Drinks at the Kakawa -want to sample some great hot chocolate? Taste the drinks of the ancient Maya and Aztec or something cutting edge. Try the Kakawa House for a unique experience!

Chocolate Chip Cookie -going to Rocky Mountain National Park? Drop in at Laura's in Estes Park Colorado for a great cookie or fudge. Enhance your nature experience with a little dark chocolate!

Chili's Molten Chocolate Cake - nice version of chocolate lava cake topped with a big scoop of vanilla. Share this molten mountain of madness with a friend.

Chocolate Sin Cake -walk right in, sit right down and order a piece of this cake. Where? The Republic of Texas restaurant on the San Antonio River Walk!

Patty Cakes Bakery -another good chocolate dessert place located on Galveston Island. When your chocolate craving rears it's ugly head, slay the beast with a bite from this bakery. Take a trip to the Historical East End of Galveston to this corner bakery. Plenty of choices to satisfy your need.

Hope you enjoy my chocolate reviews. I sure enjoyed trying the dessert places. In fact, I'm searching for more to try. My work will never be done...I hope!

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