Chocolate Sin Cake Best Chocolate Dessert on the San Antonio Riverwalk

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Chocolate reviews (aka me) declares that the Chocolate Sin Cake is the best chocolate dessert on the San Antonio Riverwalk!

Slice of chocolate sin cake.

Ok, it's the best one I tried...twice. Had to fight my sister for it.

And yes, victory was sweet and chocolate filled.

Why the fracas?

If you could taste a bite, you'd be ready to fight for your unfair share too.

There's more to this chocolate cake than meets the eye.

It's like having three desserts in one, part cake, part brownie and part mousse.

It's an unholy trinity of devil's food and chocolate that will fulfill your desires.

Chocolate Cake Location

Should you ever find yourself strolling the beautiful San Antonio Riverwalk, stop at the Republic of Texas Restaurant.

I did and the food was good but the dessert was better!

Why did I choose it from the many great restaurants on the river? Because they serve chocolate sin cake! And it's very good.

It would be a sin (sorry, I had to go there!) to miss this bittersweet treat. It's delicious!

Don't fret too much about the enormous calorie count this thing packs. There are over 2 miles of gorgeously landscaped paths along the San Antonio River Walk.

Plus plenty of stairs because it's below street level.

Enjoy the cake then make use of them. Walk off some of those calories!

Picture the Chocolate Sin Cake

Doesn't that picture (at the top of the page) make you drool? Of course, but it doesn't really do the cake justice.

You just can't capture the divine dessert on film.

But your taste buds sure can! It tastes even better than it looks in the photo above. Believe me...and my sister.

Let me describe it to you. The top layer consists of moist devil's food. The middle layer is light and luscious chocolate mousse.

You can't tell by looking but the bottom layer is pure chocolate brownie. MMMMMMM! But wait there's more...

The top and sides are covered in chocolate frosting. Lastly, there's a band of mini semisweet chocolate chips encircling the bottom layer.

That's like 3 chocolate desserts in 1!

It was so good, the next night, my sister and walked all the way back to the restaurant for more! The walk was long but worth it.

It's awesome. Keep it in mind, when you go to San Antonio.

Chocolate Cake Map

View Chocolate Dessert Places I've Tried in a larger map

You'll find this awesome chocolate dessert at the Republic of Texas Restaurant. It's located at 526 East River Walk Street, San Antonio, Texas.

That's below the North Presa Street bridge, on the banks of the river, near the Marriott. You can't miss it, the table umbrellas look like the Texas flag.

Sorry, apparently Google doesn't have a map of the actual River Walk. So markers on the map are at street level.

But you'll find it.

When in San Antonio, indulge yourself. Devour some chocolate sin cake then walk it off. Well, at least some of the calories, if you see the sights on foot. Enjoy a great chocolate dessert and a relaxing stroll on the River Walk!

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