Cocoa vs Dark Chocolate for Diabetics

by Roy

Roy asked Dark Chocolate Questions...

If dark chocolate is beneficial for pre-diabetes because of the cocoa then why not just consume cocoa powder and eliminate the sugar in chocolate? After all, sugar can't be better for diabetics or pre-diabetics.

Studies have shown that people with diabetes can safely eat dark chocolate in small amounts. It has a low glycemic index, so it doesn't cause a sudden spike in a person's blood sugar.

But you're right, natural cocoa powder is unsweetened. So it's a great choice for anyone trying to avoid sugar or decrease their sugar intake. Plus it's low in fat.

The only problem with consuming cocoa is that it's extremely bitter. Very few people, if any, could stand to eat it plain. Believe me, I've tasted it! Yuck.

The addition of a sugar substitute solves that problem.

Convenience can be an issue. Dark chocolate is available just about everywhere in many ready-to-eat forms. More and more sugar-free products with improved taste are coming on the market. So it's just more convenient to eat.

Cocoa powder requires at least a little preparation before you can eat it. Or you can consume tasteless cocoa capsules.

So there's no reason why someone couldn't just skip dark chocolate altogether and use natural cocoa powder.

It's really a matter of personal preference. Choose whichever is best for your situation.

Thanks for the great question!

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Oct 21, 2014
by: Bettye

Those are some useful suggestions for coffee lovers.
Thanks for sharing them!

Mar 20, 2014
easiest way to make cocoa powder palatable...
by: Anonymous

Just put a spoonful into your coffee! May sound weird but they make mocha coffee after all. And you will get used to the taste whatever you initially think of it. By the by: drink Greek-style coffee [boiled] even if you have to filter out the sludge- because that style of coffee is healthier.
[One more thing: consider the raw cocoa vs. cocoa question.] Cheers!

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