Chocolate Homemade Wedding Favors: Frugal or Fiasco

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Wedding favors aren't cheap. Thinking about making your own? Chocolate homemade wedding favors could be a way to stretch your budget.  Or they could stretch your patience to the breaking

Molded chocolates or decorated cookies are real guest pleasers.  Lots of wedding theme chocolate candy molds and cutters are available.

But before you get too excited, stop and think it through.  Are you prepared to take on such a project?

Don't ruin your special day trying to save a few dollars. 

Here are some things you need to consider long before you take the plunge!

Critical Questions

Your wedding requires endless planning and plenty of aspirin. You already have a million things to worry about.  So...

Do you really need another one?

Think hard. Wedding favors can big a big task. 

Ready to take that task on?  Don't worry be savvy.

As far ahead of your wedding as possible, think through what you need to do.  Ponder your project.

Don't procrastinate and ruin the date.  You don't want to be neck deep in an impossible task with only days to go!

To avoid such a calamity think about...


How much can you devote to making your chocolate favors?

  • Do you really have enough to spare?
  • Do you have friends or family that can help?
  • What if you start but can't finish?
  • Can someone take over the project?
  • Can you depend on your helpers?

These can be tough questions to answer. 

Sometimes volunteers don't show up.  People get sick, they forget or an emergency pops up.  Some people have good intentions but fail to follow through.

Careful when depending on others.

Failure to get your chocolate homemade wedding favors finished could...

  • ruin your special day
  • sour a friendship
  • cause family problems

Confident that time and help is at hand? Now you need to decide what to make.

How Much Time?

Will it be molded chocolates or decorated wedding cookies? 
Ok, so you find a great photo of a cute chocolate wedding favor.  It's perfect.  You think how hard can that be?
Well, it depends.

It's very easy to misjudge the time and effort required to make something you've never made.  You won't have a clue until you do.

Best thing to do?

Rehearse. Buy a few supplies and attempt to recreate your favor. Make enough to really get a feel for your project.

Why rehearse?  To try it before you commit to it.  So you can...

  • test your skills
  • time yourself-from making the chocolate to bagging, labeling etc. then multiply by the number of favors needed
  • see if the real thing looks as good as the picture
  • prevent a disaster

You don't want to assume your project will be a piece of cake.  That cute favor in the photo was made by an experienced person.  And she probably didn't need to make hundreds while under a tight deadline.

Remember to rehearse long before the wedding!  Why?

Should your chocolate wedding favors be too difficult to make, you'll need time. Precious time to explore your options.

Rehearsal a success?  Great, time to...

Calculate Cost

Ok, so how much will it cost to shower your guests with your personalized masterpieces? Number crunching time.

How many guests are you expecting? Take that number and add another 10 percent or so to cover breakage, mistakes, etc.

Once you have a number, figure...

  • how many molds/cookie cutters
  • chocolate/baking supplies
  • decorating supplies
  • flavoring(s)
  • bags/boxes or wrappers
  • stickers/labels for personalization-ink and special paper
  • etc.

Then factor in your time.  There's also storage, transportation, frustration and the responsibility of delivering them safely to the wedding reception.

Yikes!  The cost can add up fast.  Is the price still right?

Decision Time

Now you need to ask yourself these important questions.

Do I still want to make homemade wedding favors? 

Am I really saving money?

Are the savings greater than the effort and worry?

Is it time to look at some cheap wedding favors made by pros? Let them do the worrying?

Should I scale back?  Choose a simpler, less expensive favor?

Now's the time to decide.

You can stick with your project or explore your options.  There's no need to rush your decision.

You have the facts and the luxury of time.  And soon one less thing to worry about!

Your chocolate homemade wedding favors will impress your guests.  They'll think you're some kind of super woman.  You thought it through and executed it too! I guess you are super, a super planner.

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